Windows xp keystroke rotate screen

windows xp keystroke rotate screen

Pressing ctrlaltup arrow restores your screen to its upright position, and ctrlaltright arrow or ctrlaltleft arrow pivots your computer screen.
A little clickety-clack of the mouse left and right, and youre ready to roll.Lastly, use the drop down menu corresponding to the.Changing the screen orientation is a trivial thing in Windows.Back to the top of this " screen sideways " article, copyright Windows Help Central, windows tips and tricks.There's a hidden "feature" in Windows that can turn your screen sideways.Orientation option to select the desired screen orientation.Editor Ratings: User Ratings: Total: 0 Average: 0/5, theres a whole alice in wonderland pc game full bag-load of impressive features stashed into the latest and greatest Windows.Well then get over to the flip side of the break, and find out how to rotate computer screen in Windows.That wasnt so hard, right?Next time your friends call you because their cat walked over the keyboard and they find their computer screen rotated sideways, you'll immediately know how to help and they'll be amazed about your razor-sharp computer knowledge ;-).Settings app, click on the, system sub-category to proceed.Sponsored Links, how To Rotate Computer Screen In Windows 10?Wrapping Up, the ability to change the screen resolution is a simple, and even fun little feature of Windows ve it a spin, and let me know what you think in the comments.One such feature, that has been a part of previous major versions of Windows as well, lets you rotate the entire display.It was originally invented for graphical designers and web developers to check long pages, but the key combination to activate screen pivot is a little close to the very often used ctrlaltdel key combination.You need to enable rotation in order to be able to, rotate / Flip your windows screen upside down / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees.All set to have some fun?But apart from all of these, there excel 2003 formulas with examples pdf are also small but useful functionalities sprinkled throughout the.To check / change or disable these keys go to control panel Intel Extreme Graphics Hot Keys.Categories, computer Tips And Tricks, Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks, tags computers, Intel, tips, tricks, windows.That's why sometimes people accidently rotate their screen sideways without actually knowing what happened.