Starcraft campaign editor prima's official strategy guide

starcraft campaign editor prima's official strategy guide

And you can mix and match them in conjunction with Triggers to get the computer to do more or less what you want it.
If the player doesn't expand within 40 game minutes or so, they'll attack the player's main base.
Next, click on Quantity and select Zero or Fewer.This action places a text summary of actions a player must take to win the scenario in the briefing's lower-left corner.But this increase in power should come at some price.Certain unit types can be eliminated entirely.You can create any number of variations on the standard StarCraft missions.Now you can adjust the way the sound file plays.Note-You can't increase a technology's maximum level beyond the default max.Select Set Next Scenario from the pull-down menu.Scroll to the map's upper-left corner.For this example choose slot number 1 and Sara Kerrigan as the Portrait.Finally, click on Unit and choose any unit.Much more on Triggers including detailed descriptions of all conditions and action triggers are included in the full version of StarCraft Campaign Editor Strategy Guide.Next, click Number to specify the amount of time you want to add or subtract from the sound.Click Set to keep the.wav file playing at its normal duration, or to increase or decrease its playing time.Despite how complex and confusing the StarCraft Campaign Editor may appear at times, I was only able to include tips on the mere basics of making your own campaigns and scenarios.Increase Ground Weapon Damage from 6 to 9, and the Bonus from 1.Almost every condition involves defining certain variables- usually a player or force and another variable, such as a location.Click on the blue text.They won't expand to new bases.Click on the New button to get a second pop-up box.The time it takes to produce a Marine is 24 seconds: boost it.
It consists of a condition that tells the mission when to activate the Trigger, and an action that tells the mission what to do when the conditions are met.