Oregon trail 2 for windows

oregon trail 2 for windows

Reviewer: LBowman - favoritefavorite - August 1, 2016 Subject: Worked before, not now.
I used to windows 7 fire keygen be able to play it with the keyboard.
To continue, the window has to lose focus (ALT TAB to another window return to the game, the theme music will begin to play, and will load the main menu).
This game is really good.Since its in DOS format you have to use a ball or trackball mouse.So I had to abandon my game.Its a big loop at this time Reviewer: girly382 - - January 7, 2015 Subject: Fun!The 0's flash but my cost doesnt change.Please dont tell me Im the only one playing this because of the Team Starkid musical.Reviewer: Cake123 - - March 15, 2017 Subject: SoSo I love to play the game but is kinda glitchy so I always need to log out of my account and then resign.I tried using chrome and it worked!Subject: I Won, i lost 2 people while I was on this adventure and I lost an oxen but I am glad I didn't lose again like I did the first time.Natives never scan to pdf softwareware attack, you never run out of water.Reviewer: foreverfallon - favoritefavorite - February 1, 2015 Subject: Problematic I was having fun playing this, and was more than halfway through the game, when my computer interrupted me with a dialogue box about Time Machine.This was a great game.Anyways I named my people: Tris Four Al Will and Christina all from divergent.Reviewer: Rockin' Kat - - March 31, 2015 Subject: stop trying to use the number pad and have more fun Numlock!Even though it's unnecessary, I still shoot way more than I can carry when d I always will.March 17, 2016 Subject: Great It's a lot of fun my science teacher played it the whole class time Reviewer: prdavey - - March 3, 2016 Subject: Awesome Using for a teaching tool in my class.If any of you love divergent plz leave a comment below saying.Played in normal, not full screen, so dragging the mouse to the right side of the screen until both lined up solved the problem.
Reviewer: Shakes999 - - January 7, 2015 Subject: Works fine, go Full Screen Game works flawlessly.