Just cause 2 pc ocean of games

just cause 2 pc ocean of games

Pinata Party: Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.
You can repeat it as many times as desired to get an additional 20,000 each time.
Marksman: Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
A Trusted Ally: Complete 49 faction missions.The vast open-ended, unique gameplay is back, allowing you full freedom once again to free roam and explore the massive world of Panau and tackle your assignments however you want.Incoming search terms: just cause 2 download just cause 2 free download full version pc just cause 2 free just cause 2 pc download download just cause 2 for.You can repeat any race as many times as desired to get an additional 20,000 each time.Professional Hitman: Assassinate 25 colonels.Body Count: Kill 750 enemies.Once again you play the main character Rico as in the first game and you will do some awesome stuff with him.You are allowed to roam wherever you like with all the control in your hands.The game has been greatly improved from its previous iteration and it is really worth your time.Stunt Jump out of the place once lightning hits it, and parachute mary shelley's frankenstein pdf to the island.Also gives you the bonus for hard and normal difficulties.You will find some problem in visuals but they are far between each other.The islands of Panau are great looking and come with beautiful scenery.X:20475, Y:31170, sAMs, fuel supplies, windmills, x:8268, Y:26679.Rico returns to action in the sequel to Avalanche Studios gargantuan action game.Follow Me!: Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.Low Flyer: Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.Easy stunt points, at the entrance of Panau International Airport, get the sports car, drive it to a runway, and wait for a plane to appear.To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community "My profile "View all my games then the game and view stats.Finding coordinates, you can find the coordinates at the top right corner of the map, and move the cursor around to find a specific spot.Grab the rocket launcher in the temple.
Invincible Warrior: Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.