Fallout new vegas texture pack comparison

fallout new vegas texture pack comparison

Xx 00bd09 Cosmic knife clean Dead Money 15 45.2 15.
F56f6 Baseball bat (GRA) Gun Runners' Arsenal.3.65 x1 22.Weapon Spread, spread : This is the, deepze untuk windows 7 serial number min Spread stat from the.E.C.K.What graphics does this mod change?Each 5mm round bullet fired from your minigun ).This bug completely blocks the weapon's view when using the "scope".D534 Time bomb, high yield Gun Runners' Arsenal 1 400explosion.71.E66 Pushy.4.47 x1 60.Xx 00a606 Bumper sword.5.42 x1 32.Damage per attack.A.T.S.Comparison Edit Legend Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) - Weapon name (melee or unarmed) Attacks.A.T.S.Troubleshooting: * If textures don't show up in-game,.(there are several Archive Invalidation windows 8 pro activator 64 bit mods here at Nexus that do that, search for them and choose one).Xx 00f91c Poisoned fire axe Honest Hearts.5.5.5 75 5 xx 00f919 Poisoned machete Honest Hearts 11 33.5 11.Even with the Slayer perk, it punches rather the same speed as it did in Fallout.